Tyre Killers / Busters
Busters Specification:

• Installation depth of casing: 225 mm
 • Blocking height of spikes: above the Ground level:160mm
 • Fully raised blocking angle of spikes: 55º
 • Distance between centers of two adjacent spikes : 125 ± 0mm
 • Raising/lowering time: 02-03 Second
 • Operating voltage: 230V, 50Hz, Single Phase
 • Top cover plate of the Tyre Killer shall withstand: Not less than 70    Tons
 • Operating Temperature: -5ºC to +55ºC
 • Integration: Capable of Integration with the overall architecture of    Surveillance   & Access Control System
 • Control Unit: Microcontroller
 • Technical Characteristics: Materials: Galvanized steel structure