1.The best service in the industry. A bold claim that we believe to be 100% correct.Happy customers are a testament    to our straight forward approach to customer service.
2.We can advice on every level, specify the products you require, supply most products from stock and provide full    technical support to installing every systems.
3.If you are not sure what you need give us a call with any queries and we shall be very pleased to assist.
   We give free on site orientation and guidance for first time users and introduction to our automation. This training    facility is available to our customers and highly recommended to new customers who wish to install TECHNICAL LOGIC    system.
4.We also provide new product familiarization and question and answer session. This is an opportunity to meet the team    and view our products and facilities in a relaxed atmosphere.
5.In association with Signal we advertise continually in the national press, home improvement titles and the Sunday color    supplements.

   A Proven Leader

   TECHNICAL LOGIC ENGINEERING SERVICES committed to provide our customers with the highest quality services and    competitive rates. We know our customers have a choice and we will continue to be your first choice for residential    and commercial automatic gate services.

   Professional Installation

   Professional installation of system is carried out by our trained and expert personnel to ensure security, we have    trained sales & technical staff ready to help you with a quote or to take an order when you call.
   TECHNICAL LOGIC ENGINEERING SERVICES offers you 12 month comprehensive warranty with full back up of spare    parts & service and our assurance of top - class after sales services, our prompt personal attention backed by an    efficient service all add up to mean a MORE RELIABLE operation of your system