Security Equipments




Electric Fencing provides 24 hour monitor on the perimeter. It will go to an alarm if someone touch or cut the wire to enter in your premises. The energizer used for this purpose that it will not allow anyone to be killed as the unit is designed to allow the power to pulsate on/off on a continue basis. Therefore unlike your power in the house (where the possibility exists that you could die if experiencing a shock), the electric fence power switches on and off momentarily and therefore is termed a non-lethal electric fence. |Learn More|

Access Control System

Access control systems perform authorization identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials including passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans, and physical or electronic keys.

Turnstile Gate

Our extensive experience has proven that building and facility owners want security, but not at the cost where it creates a hindrance to the users. They need speed gate systems that can offer fast, secure and reliable access control within the entrance area of their facility along with visually enhancing and architecturally acceptable speed gate products that complement the buildings aesthetics.

Road Blocker

The range, developed to protect public places and buildings against vehicle borne attacks,includes the Counter Terror TK Block, TK Bollard, TK Barrier and TK Planter. Townscape’s integrated HVM range has been designed to give an aesthetically pleasing solution, fitting into the landscape surroundings.

CCTV Camera

Law enforcement or security professionals best support CCTV systems. These teams of professionals need to monitor the CCTV video evidence on a timely basis and they need to be properly trained in order to interpret suspicious behavior caught on the system. When all of these factors are in place, then the CCTV security system will be effective for keeping citizens and shoppers safe.

Walk through Gate

Walk through gate is a product that is used in almost all public premises. This product enables instant checking of any individual and has a high detecting system.

Hand Metal Detector

Weapon Screening and Loss Prevention Sensitive, Rugged and Dependable Fully adjustable sensitivity control enables optimal performance on weapon screening and loss prevention applicationsLightweight comfortable grip, large scanning area and fast scan rate reduce operator fatigue Automatic tuning insures equal results on a wide range of metals De-sense button and tightly controlled detection pattern allows efficient weapon screening near floors containing re-bar New high volume audio alert* can easily be heard against normal to moderate levels of background noise Operates on disposable or rechargeable batteries Versatile, yet realistically priced for all security applications.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

The Under Vehicle Surveillance System's high-resolution color cameras give you clear, sharp images. Bright white, high-intensity LED-based lighting illuminates the vehicle's undercarriage so details are not lost in shadows. And with the ability to place cameras anywhere along the length of the ramp, wheel wells and other details are easy to capture. Focal length, field of view, and angle of the camera simulate a person in a pit viewing vehicles passing over.