Active Infrared Beam Detector
Active Infrared Beam Detector
Model: ABS-50/100/150
Beams: Quadruple Beams
Quadruple beams
Digital frequency conversion
Active infrared detector
Quadruple beams simultaneously blocked inspection
Infrared LED lighting
Digital wave filtering lighting
Window sighting telescope
PC engineering plastic material
Dew and frost proof solution: heating housing
Other additional functions: photic instruction, OK instruction, test terminal, multilevel LED indicator
It is a dual technology motion detector designed for professional intrusion detection. This high quality motion detector combines a dual element. Pulse count PIR sensor and Doppler microwave radar sensor into a slim, compact housing. The alarm signal is generated only when two different sensors detect intrusion at the same time; therefore the detection reliability is higher than the detector with single technology. DP-150 can protect the area up to 15 m long and 110 degree wide.