Electric Fencing

An electric Fence system consists of electric wire carrying high voltage electric pulses that provide a non-lethal shock to an intruder tempering with the fence results in an alarm activation, which is transmitted to the security personal monitoring the site. The numbers of wires the distance between the wires the zone length and integration with concertina are some of the different configurations which are commonly used to meet the site requirement. The electric wire barrier can be installed vertically or at an angle to provide wires physical barrier that make intrusion by way of digging & climbing more difficult.       

Why An electric Fence?
The need for higher levels of security to deter intruders is growing worldwide. Whereas in the past security fence was merely a passive physical barrier , reality of today’s world prescribes the use of an active intrusion detection system that reacts to any intrusion attempts, preventing or delving intruder access and  one that is not reliant on human surveillance.